Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Every cloud has a silver lining.

A dark depression descends on your life, despair, gloom, misery fills your horizons - so where is the silver lining? you wonder. Be positive, the smart people tell us, so how do you do that when the Heavens are tumbling in on you? The first thing is to analyse your situation - is it really as bad as you think? Is their a wise friend or convenient stranger you can unburden yourself too - someone who has experienced the same problems and has come through? The marvel of the Internet is that you have the whole world to communicate with - there's bound to be someone with similar problems. So don't despair, there is always someone worse off than you and plenty of potential help. Many people's success in life resulted from a reaction to a period of adversity - fight till you drop, never give up. Sir Wiston Churchill, the inspiration for this blog, faced Britain's darkest hour with resolution and utmost determination - marching on to a shining victory. So can you.

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