Sunday, November 30, 2008

Respect yourself or no one else will

Charity begins at home and so does self respect. Treating yourself properly sets a standard that others can recognise. If you dress badly, eat foolishly, act promiscuously and drink to excess you are sending out a message that you don't hold yourself in high regard. The result is that others do the same they treat you by the same standards.

If you look after yourself and project the image of a valued, well-cared for person people will expect to deal with you on the same terms. Consider how public property is often vandalised and maltreated -- it lacks an owner's pride and attention so the public treat it with contempt. The same applies to people -- set your personal standards high and expect others to do the same.

Respect, yes, but remember that pride comes before a fall so reasonable humility will gain you more respect than arrogant assumptions of superiority.

Women's Wisdom

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Monday is the key of the week

This appears to be a musical analogy. If you hit the right note to begin with the melody of the week will flow harmoniously. Getting off to a good start sets the tone for what follows -- well begun is half done. Start off on the right foot.

Thinking of locks it might refer to opening or beginning when you prepare for what is to follow. A good plan or strategy for the week will ease the flow of work and increase productivity.

Thought of as a keystone it might be seen as the connection between one week and the next.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Purchase the next world with this; you will win both

If we assume that the next word is a place of perfection, and the entry standards are high, it makes sense to be getting into good shape to pass the exams.

This saying appears to be suggesting that by pursuing levels of excellence with a view to "celestial glory" we will do ourselves a great deal of good here on Earth. If you practise the traditional values of the major world religions they should make you a more dependable, trustworthy person. When others recognise this they will feel safe in your company and trust you in business matters.

So, by preparing for Heaven you gain the world.

Women's Wisdom

Sunday, November 09, 2008

When the play is best it is best to leave

Now it is unlikely that this is meant to be taken literally -- how would we ever get our money's worth?

At the present time we have lived through financial turmoil with house prices crashing and stocks sinking but not so long ago everything seemed rosy. "If only we had sold when things were going so well," the cry goes up.

Those who left when the play was at its best knew a thing or two.

Women's Wisdom

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Rest and success are fellows

We are often led to believe that success comes from excessive effort -- tales of high-powered executives working eighteen hour days abound but there must be a limit.

If your job is very exciting and you can regard it as your hobby as well as your work then the long hours might be less wearisome. However, a tired, stressed person is unlikely to make good judgements so it is necessary to get adequate rest to recharge your batteries. The establishment of Sunday as a day of rest probably boosted production in the long run.

Some high achieving people like Sir Winston Churchill strongly believed in the importance of an afternoon nap. Rested and invigorated the mind will function better. Success in difficult circumstances will sometimes require a long burst of sustained effort so it is important to be at your best and fittest when the supreme challenge arises and you have to keep going till you drop.

Women's Wisdom