Sunday, August 13, 2006

Tie the sack before it fills.

Anyone bagging corn or flour would immediately understand the wisdom of this saying as it is necessary to have enough slack to gather together to allow the cord to get a grip. A greedy person who filled his sack to the top would be unable to close it, and spillage and spoilage would leave them with a lot less. Our farming ancestors would smile knowingly on hearing this observation.

So, what wisdom has it to teach us today? In general we are being told of the folly of trying to grab too much and being left with less. An example from the world of the stock market is the advice to always leave something for someone else - meaning sell out before the market tops - that way you are guaranteed a buyer.

People who build up a business are advised to have an exit strategy and not to wait till they are about to retire and then desperately seek to sell, and find it is a bad time as demand is currently low.

It could also suggest the idea of stopping eating before you are full and therefore avoiding a bad stomach and the dangers of obesity.

This all boils down to giving yourself time and opportunity to bring any activity to a sensible close, and not be caught short.

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