Sunday, March 11, 2007

Light burdens long borne grow heavy

Light burdens long borne grow heavy

The drip, drip drip of water will eventually wear a hole in the hardest stone. The pounding waves relentlessly scouring the shore grind pebbles to sand. The tallest volcano gradually erodes to form soil. Time conquers all.

In relationships, petty aggravations long borne can suddenly flare up and lead to a major row and separation. From time to time you read in the newspapers how someone has flipped after 50 years of marriage and killed their partner. It is important to attend to recurring minor niggles before the last straw breaks the camels back.

A machine with a small fault that is ignored can sometimes cause an accident resulting in death or serious injury because the user has grown complacent. A driver with dodgy brakes crashes and kills someone. A smoker, little by little, damages their lungs until one day they are diagnosed with cancer.

This proverb is counseling you that you should look at the little problems in your life from time to time and see that they are put right. There is no point in tearfully claiming "it worked OK for years, I never thought it would do that!" The burden of your failure to act could weigh on you for the rest of your life.

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