Sunday, December 30, 2007

Solid pudding is better than empty praise

Words are cheap -- you can easily tell people how wonderful they are and how much you appreciate them, but showing that worth in a meaningful way might be more appropriate. Say it with flowers might have been an advertising slogan originally but it does have a point. A person who is given a bunch of beautiful, sweet-scented flowers has visual evidence that they are appreciated -- something that all the senses can be aware of.

Tradesmen are no doubt not immune to flattery but a cup of coffee or tea shows tangible gratitude. A retiring worker will appreciate the recounting of his many achievements and worthy contributions to the business' success but a good pension and a retirement present helps to make the words more meaningful.

Presenting the lady in your life with a solid pudding might not have quite the result you intended today, but in years gone by when people were much nearer daily starvation than is the modern reality it would have meant a great deal.

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