Saturday, January 24, 2009

The house is a fine house when good folks are within

The wealthy man in his mansion has a fine house to show off to his friends but are they true friends or just attracted to his wealth? Fair-weather friends are not there when you need them.

The poor man with his simple abode knows true happiness when genuine friends come to share his table and enjoy each other's company. The quality of the surroundings doesn't matter when the people are genuine. In times of need they help each other and are likely to know more of life's truest pleasures and satisfactions than the possessor of material riches.

Just as a fine instrument won't make a mediocre player better, or an expensive PC improve poor software, so a grand house won't necessarily provide the venue for good company and fellowship.

As a memorial to a fine man who was a friend to all the author of your blog wrote a tribute song "Ol' Jim (Magic in Them Feet)" now available as a digital download from iTunes and other stores.
Ol' Jim (Magic in Them Feet)

The full story of how a thrown away banknote led to this song can be read here:

The Story of the Song

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