Sunday, April 26, 2009

Truth hath a good face but bad clothes

Honesty is genuine and not given to pretense. There is a classic image of the poor but honest individual who might not present themselves well but have hearts of gold. This is a person you can trust and rely on. They will share their humble crust.

Their opposite is the typical con man who is an expert on presentation. He knows and understands human weakness and his trade is exploiting it. He seeks to impress by dressing well and developing a charming manner. If you are taken in you pay dearly for the charm.

The people who caused the present credit crunch did not have bad clothes though they could be said to have taken the clothes from the backs of the poor. Come to think of it, look closely at their faces and they are not a pretty sight.

Escape for a while from everyday reality with this verse adventure story from James Hogg abridged by William Clark.
Queen Hynde of Berigonium, Scotland by James Hogg & William Clark

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