Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fair words make me look to my purse

If someone wants something out of you they know that the gentle art of persuasion is the best method of getting under your radar.

Conmen perfect the ability to convince you that they are your friend by saying the right thing and making you feel good. Mostly they like to get you tempted into a situation where you might feel you are getting a slight advantage over others - even bordering on the wrong side of right. This accounts for the saying that a totally honest person can't be conned. Well, conmen would say that wouldn't they? Salves their conscience, what little of it they have; but there is an element of truth in it.

The important thing to remember is if you feel you are being flattered, seduced and persuaded, carefully scrutinise your own conscience lest you are being tempted by the Devil. There are times in your life when you are more vulnerable, so be on guard.

The present credit crunch came about because people being offered mortgages they couldn't afford were being conned; the shareholders in the corporations providing the finance were being conned; the pushers of fair words were only interested in emptying your purse.

The human race has one really effective weapon and that is laughter. - Mark Twain. This book will arm you:
700 Limericks & How to Write Them by William Clark

Escape for a while from everyday reality with this verse adventure story from James Hogg abridged by William Clark.
Queen Hynde of Berigonium, Scotland by James Hogg & William Clark

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