Sunday, June 07, 2009

A shut book is but a block

If you don't read you don't learn; if you don't learn you can't do; if you can't do you don't earn.

We are being encouraged here to apply ourselves to the acquisition of knowledge. In the day when this saying was first coined, books were probably hard to come by and a privilege to own; so not making full use of them would have been seen as foolish.

Today we are inundated with knowledge and our main preoccupation is how to filter it out. "How do we shut the book?" is the question because the Internet is like a hose of knowledge that is difficult to turn off. We are drowning in facts, figures and opinions.

There is a need for clever software that helps us to identify and chose the things we ought to know. Perhaps people need to learn to exist/work as teams, each specialising in their own niche and reporting to the group anything that everyone should be aware of. A sort of brain collective.

Escapist holiday read: verse adventure story from James Hogg abridged by William Clark.
Queen Hynde of Berigonium, Scotland by James Hogg & William Clark

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