Sunday, November 15, 2009

Quarrel and strife make shorter life

Is there anyone who has never been involved in an argument or row? I am sure all the readers of this blog will have had their fair share no matter what their temperament or inclination to aggression might be. It is unavoidable and part of normal life to come across situations that will potentially give rise to conflict.

When we are young we react according to our natural defensive or aggressive instincts, and we are also influenced by those around us. Age and experience teaches us to avoid unpleasant situations as we do not want the hassle of stressful confrontation.

The secret is to see the problem coming and take steps to avoid it. Learning the importance of not escalating a quarrel but still looking after your own rights can be a tricky path to follow.

You can duck the issue, overwhelm your antagonist, or turn the other cheek and shame them. These are your options, but only time and experience can help develop your wisdom, and enable you to judge the correct response in a given situation.

Quarrels can arise through poor communication. If you writing is poor you might like to consider some help.

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