Saturday, March 27, 2010

God who sends the wound sends the medicine

In days gone by people believed in something called "the doctrine of signatures". This stated that a plant had some relationship to its use, and that could be determined from its shape or the location in which it grew.

The 17th-century herbalist, William Coles, believed walnuts were good for head ailments because, "they Have the perfect Signatures of the Head".

The modern scientist might be sceptical of this approach, preferring tests and experiment, but is there any wisdom we can gain from a contemplation of this general principle? If a problem exists does this mean that there must automatically be a solution that, if we seek, we will find?

Solutions to many of mankind's ills have been found, and we cling to a hope that whatever we suffer from someday someone somewhere will find a cure -- be they inspired by God or Mammon.

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