Sunday, October 22, 2006

Better an ass that carries than a horse that throws.

Better an ass that carries than a horse that throws.

Who would not wish to own a fine thoroughbred stallion full of fire and haughty pride? But if it always threw its rider you would not go very far. In life people are often attracted to the glamorous and showy - be it cars, careers or companions; but how many live to rue the day?

If we get above ourselves and desire the impractical we are often set for a tumble. The ass is an ungainly, ugly beast of burden but will patiently plod along in all sorts of adverse conditions getting you and your load to the desired destination. Similarly, if you are prepared to consider the practical and available goods in your life you might be better off in the long run rather than choosing the high maintenance, showy, expensive alternatives. "Cut you coat according to your cloth" is another way of putting it.

Darts with an Old West theme:

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