Sunday, October 29, 2006

A good archer is known by his aim, not his arrows.

A good archer is known by his aim, not his arrows.

You can buy all the fancy equipment in the world but if you can't make use of it to get a result it is money down the drain.

Have you ever known a would-be artist who spends a fortune on brushes and paint and goes on course after course but still churns out rubbish? Spending money on equipment that you are just not talented to use well won't do you much good. If you have potential to develop a skill then work on it and find the training and tools that you really need. Flashy expensive stuff might impress the impressionable but anyone with sense will see through the glitz to the real or lack of talent that you have.

There is no point in flogging dead horses or buying them fancy saddles for that matter. If you haven't got what it takes find another activity where you might make the grade. Get your life on target.

Learn to aim your "arrows" here:

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