Sunday, June 17, 2007

Life is nine parts cards - one part skill.

Life is nine parts cards - one part skill.

How do some people succeed and others fail?

Commonsense tells you that the number of people who can get the plum jobs is limited. It is a statistical thing. An army of officers wouldn't win many battles no matter how good their orders were. A company of brilliant bosses wouldn't get a lot of work done without the sloggers. If everyone became a millionaire a million would not buy very much.

Success is relative and for most people comes through being the right person in the right place at the right time. Get your place and timing wrong and the glittering career will not be yours. Conversely, if you are a complete incompetent your best opportunities will be wasted.

But if you get the lucky breaks and apply your skill success can be achieved. This saying seems to be telling us that ability cannot flourish unless there is some form of opportunity and these opportunities are limited. In other words you need the lucky break (good cards) and only then can your skills be used to take advantage. It would appear that when Lady Luck smiles it is time to get cracking and make the most of it. Every dog has his day.

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