Sunday, June 03, 2007

Reproof never does a wise man harm.

Reproof never does a wise man harm.

How do you react when someone tells you off? It is a personality thing. Extroverts will become angry, possibly insulting and wish to retaliate immediately. Introverts will avoid conflict but will go off to ponder the matter and possibly seek revenge quietly. These are the extremes but what should a well-balanced ordinary individual do?

The first consideration is: is this reproof deserved. If "yes" then you should take it in the proper spirit, apologize if necessary, and resolve to be wiser in future. Don't shoot the messenger.

If undeserved, remaining calm and attempting to explain is usually the best course. If the reprover will not listen it might be best to remember: oppose not force while force is at its rage but stay awhile and let it waste. When everyone has calmed down, hopefully, reason will prevail.

Setbacks are often the starting point to advances and should be seen as an opportunity to retrench and prepare for better things.

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