Sunday, July 22, 2007

Adversity makes a man wise not rich

Adversity makes a man wise not rich.

In adverse circumstances you can either flee or face up to the problems and deal with them.
To take them on requires knowledge and understanding i.e. wisdom. This wisdom comes from experience, observation, trial and error and the counsel of others. Over time and with test and trial this mix refines itself into rules of thumb and guiding principles. It enables us to cope, and that is often all that we will be able to do.

It makes a great story when someone overcomes many obstacles and difficulties and goes on to great triumph and financial reward, so it is a story to be told and retold. For most of us, no matter what the hardships and dangers overcome, we can but expect to survive and carry on.

No bard will sing our praises, our tale will languish untold, except perhaps to our nearest, but we will have survived and have the personal satisfaction of knowing we faced the worst and somehow overcame adversity - and have become a far wiser person as a result.

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  1. very nice ...adversity and loss makes a man wise proved