Sunday, July 01, 2007

A man without money is a bow without arrow.

A man without money is a bow without arrow.

Ability requires opportunity and resources in order to show its worth.

If a good hunter and a bad hunter set out to find food for the tribe and the best one has an accident and loses his arrows he is unlikely to return with any game. The poor archer might get lucky and make a kill. If not the tribe will starve. Should common sense prevail the less able bowman will give his arrows to the proficient one and they will share the catch.

In the modern world bows and arrows can be bought but we have more sophisticated ways of "bringing home the bacon". Anyone starting a business so that they have the means to support their family will usually find it necessary to have start up capital. If they have a lot of ability but are unproven they might find raising this very difficult whereas their less able cousin who has the good fortune of a legacy will have an inbuilt advantage. Again a pooling of resources might bring the most advantage to all.

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