Sunday, September 23, 2007

Where one is wise two are happy

Where one is wise two are happy.
They also say it takes two to make a quarrel and this saying is confirming that. If one individual in a relationship has the sense to avoid an unnecessary row it keeps both parties happy.

Imagine a couple: a very pretty, vain lady without a serious thought in her gorgeous head, prone to rash decisions and ill-thought-out spending sprees. If she is fortunate enough to marry a sensible, well balanced, thoughtful man who loves her deeply and who is patient and understanding, with the good sense to curb and control his wife's waywardness with forethought and planning, she is spared the worst of her own follies and leads a much happier life. Her husband is rewarded through the satisfaction of having such a delightful companion with the greatest of her follies trimmed to a bearable level without totally spoiling the spontaneity that probably attracted him to her in the first place. Result: a happy couple.

And, of course, ladies, it could work in the reverse also.

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