Sunday, September 30, 2007

When the pirate prays, there is great danger

A pirate, we would suppose, is an ungodly, predatory criminal who would laugh sneeringly at his victims who pleaded for mercy and prayed to their god for deliverance. But in his youth he might have had some religious instruction and would know how to pray but have rejected it in favor of a life of excess at other peoples expense. So things would have to be pretty bad before he would drop his wicked ways and turn to god for assistance.

Many people have weak religious convictions and take a skeptical attitude in their daily life but will, in a tight spot, find themselves appealing to forces greater than themselves - a prayer. Winston Churchill, the great war leader, had strict religious instruction in his youth and believed in God without question until as an adult he was exposed to other more scientific-based ideas that weakened his adherence. However, during his turbulent life when he encountered many dangers and difficulties he related that he often found himself praying.

Scientific proof that prayer actually works is hard to come by but most people when they have exhausted their human resources will often pray to what they hope is a greater reality - even the wicked godless pirate. After all, it costs nothing to try except an abandonment of selfish pride.

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