Sunday, March 02, 2008

Old Age Seldom Comes Alone

This usually refers to the aches and pains that develop with the advancing years as people realise that the body that carried them since birth is wearing out, and no longer functions as smoothly.

The sheer joy of a young body in peak condition effortlessly surging through the daily tasks and trials of life is but a fond memory. The triumphs of the sporting field when every sinew, muscle and tendon pulled together in perfect harmony to propel this amazing living machine through the air live on in the imagination only, as the grim reality of arthritis and other degenerative diseases take their toll. It sometimes seems like the revenge of some evil entity that envied your youth and vigour and seeks now to punish you for the joys once experienced.

But you also have a soul that burns brighter with age as wisdom increases. Your delight in the new, young, life forces of your children and grandchildren compensates for your own decline. It is as if your vital energies are passing into them so that life may be carried on and on into the marvels of the future.

Man has often looked at the stars and wondered what lies beyond, and with age that wonder increases. The true immensity and complexity of existence has filled your mind for so many years, tantalising with thoughts of the possibility of everlasting life in a heavenly paradise -- something that you can never know for sure.

Are we alone, or does a new existence await where all our departed friends and relatives will gather, smiling and eager for our coming?

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