Sunday, August 03, 2008

He who is weighty is willing to be weighed

A nice bit of alliteration here conveys an obvious truth - the genuine person doesn't mind being scrutinised on their claims.

Simple folks at market in days gone by would be conned out of their cash with tricks such as scamsters selling kittens in a bag whilst claiming them to be pigs - hence the expression to buy a pig in a poke (How these sayings love alliteration!) They did not do their due diligence in failing to examine the goods. No doubt if they had sunk a bucketful of beer beforehand they would have been in a happy trusting mood and ripe to be gulled.

This is all about testing the truth. If you are for real then you do not fear, but welcome, trials to prove it. It follows that those who are reluctant to be questioned and assessed must be suspected of potential dishonesty or incompetence.

Those who are talented and able are likely to be willing and eager to demonstrate their accomplishments. They talk the talk and can follow up by walking the walk.

An explanation of the use of alliteration and other poetic devices can be found in the paperback 700 Limericks & How To Write Them by clicking the link above.

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