Sunday, August 31, 2008

Health is better than wealth

"You never miss the water till the well runs dry" is a very true saying where health is concerned.

Most of us are lucky and we grow up with adequate food, suffering only from the common childhood ailments like coughs colds, and measles. Our immune systems strengthen and we reach adulthood well equipped to cope and survive.

But it is easy to fall into lax ways, there are many temptations: we can overeat, choose the wrong diet, start smoking, drink to excess and experiment with drugs. All these take a toll on the healthy body that is our right and duty to maintain. You can reach a stage where all the money in the world will not save you from an early and unpleasant death.

It makes sense to develop moderate habits and enjoy the good things in life in a thoughtful manner. By staying healthy your chance of being fit and capable will greatly enhance your likelihood of earning a living and even ending up wealthy.

It has to be said that those who are lucky enough to have a good start in life from parents who have reasonable incomes do have an advantage. It is important to build on your strengths and use your available money to acquire health knowledge and good quality foods.

Health helps wealth and wealth helps health. Don't wait till the well runs dry; act now and harvest the benefits all your life.

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