Sunday, October 05, 2008

Repentance is the May of the virtues

There are times in life when you get it wrong. "You screw up" in modern parlance. So how do you react? Most of us tend to retreat into denial: we look for excuses, justifications or escape clauses. But sometimes there aren't any so you must "fess up", take the rap, hold up your hands, take it on the chin.

Once you accept your wrongdoing and see no wriggle room what is the best way forwards? When you have achieved the state of mind of paying the price or accepting due punishment you are ready to repent: to show contrition and make amends.

This saying suggests penitence is a time of renewal just like May is the time of year when new growth recreates the glories of Nature. Having acknowledged your wrongdoing and accepted the consequences you can move on and renew your life.

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