Sunday, December 07, 2008

Better a blush on the face than a spot on the heart

The day and age of the "nice girl" seems to have vanished, at least in those who fall under the media spotlight. Laddette culture seems to demand the very lowest taste and cheapest values. It used to be argued by feminists that men kept women in subjugation and used them for their own selfish desires. But what has happened to the modern woman with freedom? -- she often behaves like a slut and describes it as empowerment. It is a true saying that it takes two to tango.

There was a time when girls excised self control, self respect and decency. It didn't mean that they hadn't any feelings or natural desires just a wish to retain their dignity and postpone pleasure till the appropriate time. A blush shows that a person, whose natural feelings and instincts have been aroused, perhaps inappropriately, feels embarrassed; but this confirms the innate decency of the person as their civilised mind struggles to control their instinctive programming.

By exercising discipline and control we can avoid allowing our instinctive side to leads us into actions that our better half will regret later.

In the film "Gone with the Wind" the two girls are the two sides of the author's nature -- the good, sensible girl that she was, and the suppressed, wild one that could only be indulged in fiction. In the ideal person we need to have a balance -- you can't be too good and it is advisable not to be too bad. A blush will help to warn you that you might be about to do something that will come back to haunt you.

To lead a life of total goodness would be too boring for most people but you have to decide what kind of person you are. Humans come in a bewilderingly wide range of types -- different standards, values and attitudes apply to each.

You will experience most grief if you act out of character. For example, if you are a basically "nice girl next door" type, a wild, drunken orgy on holiday will probably be bitterly regretted especially when the self-respecting guy who is attracted to your natural self discovers this aberration. The best you can hope for is that he has a forgiving nature and you don't have any competition.

The magic of falling in love often enables us to forgive and forget past errors but when love is tested by time old wounds can open and bleed afresh.

It could take a whole lot of tears to wash away the spot that a blush might have prevented.

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