Sunday, February 15, 2009

Love makes one fit for any work

Poets have long hailed the inspiring power of love; from Helen of Troy to the cute girl next door, no self-respecting weilder of the pen can do without the sublime influence of a lovely lady. Not many people would rush to regard poetry writing as work but for those to whom it is a vocational calling it is almost as important as the loaf of bread won by much toil in field and factory.

The poet has no doubt about the importance of love in its most refined and basic forms to inspire and drive activity but all humans are motivated by this mysterios joy to greater achievement and worthiness. True love elevates the spirit. ennobles the soul and magnifies the mind of the inspired person who has increased zest and power to accomplish. The knowledge that someone you love and respect reciprocates your feelings is the greatest boost to self-esteem you can have.

However, like all good things love has its downside and we find in the songs of the world many sad lyrics of love lost, love betrayed, stolen love and heartbreak. Those of us who have toiled under a heavy heart know how difficult it is to keep positive and engaged with daily tasks; but as the Scottish poet, Robert Burns, said, "The joys o' love are sweeter far than any other pleasure And if so dear its sorrows are, enjoyment what a treasure".

Friendship can be steadier and more reliable than the foibles of love. Try this song on Amie Street. This is a download site that lets you purchase for a few cents in the early days of a song's release before the price rises. If this blog is of value to you purchases help to fund it, thanks. (You get a free listen to part)

Ol' Jim (Magic in Them Feet)

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