Sunday, February 22, 2009

Poverty parts friends

Poor relations can be an embarrassment. Who wants to listen to you modestly bragging about your latest expensive acquisition when they are on food stamps? Some people are poor through their own follies and others through misfortune but it rubs it in if friends start to progress in opposite directions.

If your friends are struggling while you are becoming successful you will have less and less in common and your outlook on life will change from theirs. Where they see despair and hopelessness you could be looking at prosperity and improvement. Some friendships will last through good and bad times but eventually there will be drift away from weaker ties. Life is tough and you need to look after number one.

Most people would regard it as right that you should try to help friends in trouble but there will come a point when you have to say enough is enough -- you can't let others pull you down unfairly. When to let go and part company is a difficult judgement to make but sometimes it has to be done.

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