Sunday, July 26, 2009

Prosperity knoweth not the worth of patience

If you have plenty of ready money you get into the habit of wanting instant gratification.

Why slave over a hot stove when you can order up a pizza? Why put up with the hassle of repairing your shoes when you can buy a new pair? Marriage going through a sticky patch? Hang the cost - get a divorce and start again.

To previous generations these easy options were not available - most people had to shift for themselves or go without. Patience is something you develop when you have to postpone satisfaction until you can afford it. There was a time when you had to save up for things - credit was a rarity.

Have now, pay later is a good idea if it is something really needed and you can afford the payments. Using credit for stuff you can well do without is daft - period.

If you can't be rich at least you can have a laugh with these videos:

How to write a Limerick Edward Lear improved Part 1

How to write Limericks Edward Lear improved Part 2

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