Sunday, July 12, 2009

Remove an old tree and it will wither to death

Digging up an old tree will sever many of its roots and without the supply of nutrients it will perish. A young tree might have the vitality to push out new roots and replenish its strength; time is on its side but the older tree has a bigger bulk to service and can't take the strain.

You are not reading this for advice on gardening, and as always with sayings there is a deeper meaning. If you are getting on in years and are made redundant you will find the pressures more severe than the younger person with fewer commitments.

If a large tree must be shifted the only safe way is to take as much of the root as possible and to trim back surplus branches to reduce demand on the available nutrient supply. Plenty of watering is essential. If you are losing your job, try to retain as many contacts as you can and quickly re-establish union with the "commercial soil" The equivalent of water here is cash, so try to build up savings to tide you over.

These videos will give you a laugh, and that is a good stress buster.

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