Sunday, December 06, 2009

He that hath many irons in the fire, some of them will cool

The scourge of the Internet Age is information overload.

We all have too many irons in the fire and that fire sometimes seems to be your brain. Everyone wants your attention trying to sell you a product or an idea and the more information you have the more confusing it gets.

The only answer is to find a few trusty sources and shut out the rest. The problem is how do you find the best sources. Advice from a friend? Trial and error? Follow the crowd? Like gold mining you have to go through a lot of grit to get to pay dirt.

When confronted with a pile of possibilities, sometimes the best thing is to make a priority list and work through it or just pick one and get it done. This will boost your morale and make you keener for the next challenge.

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