Sunday, February 04, 2007

Better short of pence than short of sense.

Better short of pence than short of sense.

Everybody has money worries: there is always another bill to pay, new shoes for the kids, unexpected car repairs - the list is endless. It often seems that the royal road to happiness has to be a large lottery win. With lots of money life would be idyllic - seems obvious - a no-brainer.

The reality often is that lots of cash brings lots of problems and temptations. Stable marriages break up as the newly rich become self-obsessed. Kids with too much spending money are tempted by excess indulgence in alcohol, drugs, and unsuitable relationships. The dream can quickly turn into a nightmare - and spending more money often makes it worse.

A poor person with sense can often find contentment by living within their means and learning to appreciate the things that are free. Good friends, a stroll in the park, pottering in the garden, reading a library book, learning a new skill. Pretty soon they are in danger of becoming wealthy in the things that matter and make life worthwhile.

In an ideal world you would have plenty of money and the good sense to use it wisely, but wisdom rarely comes without experience, and if you have a lot of spending power your learning mistakes will be correspondingly greater.

Perfection is for gods - the rest of us have to manage as best we can.

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