Sunday, February 11, 2007

Who'll not save a penny will never have many

Who'll not save a penny will never have many

We all know the importance of earning a living - long gone are the ancestral days when scraping by on what the farm or cottage plot would provide was the only option. The modern economy means the division of labor and a steady income. The problem is your earnings never seem enough. A wage rise is often followed by an expectations rise and soon you are back to square one.

But are you using your existing income wisely? How many things do you buy that are not really necessary? By learning to budget and spend with good sense most people will find their money going a lot further than they thought possible. Remember, a penny saved is a penny gained with no need to pay tax and expenses on the getting of it. So it is worth a lot more than a penny earned.

Resolve to review your spending and expectations level. Be realistic and prudent: organize your life sensibly for the optimum benefit from existing income. Then, who knows, your newfound good sense might just lead your boss to think you are someone worth keeping and worthy of a rise!

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