Sunday, May 27, 2007

Small faults let in greater.

Small faults let in greater.

This saying sounds suspiciously like the Great Granddaddy of the zero tolerance policy!

Breaking small rules is the slippery slope to a momentum that can send you hurtling to disaster. The child who discovers that they can get away with dropping litter, swearing at parents and bullying small kids will grow in confidence that they are smart and above the law.
The buzz from petty crimes will soon lessen and those desiring bigger kicks will seek to challenge authority more and more. They graduate through the ranks of crime and when it is too late the inevitable confrontation with the police happens and they get banged up. In prison they run the risk of being further brutalized and emerging as hardened criminals who can only think of bigger and better crimes as a way of getting on.

Regular, fair discipline is the only way to train the human mind to follow the rules and find a constructive path to success and happiness. As a sapling is inclined so will the tree grow.

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