Sunday, October 14, 2007

You take more care of your shoe than your foot

You take more care of your shoe than your foot.

How many ladies have risked their feet by wearing fashionable shoes that just don't fit? Probably most. The main purpose of footwear is to protect the feet but the siren call of elegance and allure overwhelm good sense, and the result is ugly bunions, crossed toes and needless suffering. Is it worth it girls? Won't he still love you in a pair of big comfortable boots? If not you could at least give him a better kick!

This saying, at a deeper level, is warning us of the human tendency to get our priorities wrong. We deal with superficialities instead of the real issues. People can become obsessed, for example, with getting money when it is the benefits of money that are important. By budgeting more wisely and making your income go further you can get the same advantages and more time to enjoy them.

Some people will push themselves to a breakdown to afford a big house they do not need, forgeting that it is the happiness of the people living in a house that is the great thing, not merely owning it. Better a happy family in a small house than a miserable one in a mansion.

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