Sunday, October 21, 2007

Zeal is like fire: it needs feeding and watching.

Zeal is like fire: it needs feeding and watching.

Enthusiasm tends to blaze brightly then fizzle out. How many millions of New Year's resolutions are made annually in a cheery glow of optimism only to have vanished by the end of January?
Sometimes this is because the intention was not properly thought through. The degree of commitment and time was not clearly understood. If a desirable benefit is to be achieved it is usually necessary to be prepared to make sacrifices - the gain must be worth the candle. Ask yourself: is it an achievable worthwhile aim or just a escapist daydream?

Having committed to an enterprise, of whatever sort it, is natural that the original impetus will falter, you should expect this and be prepared for it. It is useful to review and assess your projects from time to time and remember why you started them, and that your goals are worthy of putting up with the downsides. Taking things step by step, with definable goals and rewards along the way, can be an effective technique in maintaining that starting zeal.

May the fires of your life burn forever brightly.

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