Sunday, March 01, 2009

Those who starve together stick together

Adversity tends to form a common bond: in dangerous occupations like mining and soldiering people have traditionally formed strong supportive communities. The men become a band of brothers and the women support each other -- never knowing when a husband will be lost or a child need help.

To a family on the breadline, survival is uppermost in their minds, and they recognise the need for each other. When everyone is poor there is no jealousy, no reason for envy of other's possessions. You share what you have and others share with you.

When good times come and people have plenty they become more selfish as they are not dependant on the support and sympathy of fellow sufferers. Driven by envy and greed each strives to beggar his neighbor and keep up with the Jones. This kind of behaviour can lead eventually to a community failing -- reducing everyone back to basics where they can relearn the value of co-operation. Their credit gets crunched along with their big heads.

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