Sunday, March 08, 2009

The house shows its owner

Our homes are to some extent an expression of ourselves. They demonstrate our ambitions and make statements about our aspirations. Given time and unlimited resources we would externalise our personalities in what we build. Our follies and weaknesses would be plain to all but ourselves.

If you look at some of the buildings commissioned by the super wealthy you get the idea. From extravagant tower blocks to show the dominance of a super tycoon to the awe inspiring devotion to love of the Taj Mahal. The buildings are reflecting in stone the innermost thoughts and motives of their owners.

Conversely, a humble and penitent monk will live in the simplest cell possible. He is trying to tell us that he has put aside all earthly temptations and desires and seeks only the simplest existence.

Most of us content ourselves with an average house with the occasional little attempt at individuality -- even if it is only a twee garden gnome.

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