Sunday, March 29, 2009

When God says "today" the devil says "tomorrow"

Don't put off till tomorrow what can be done today is the same idea. People have long recognised that humans have a tendency to procrastinate. The trouble is that having made a decision you then have to live with the consequences for good or ill. It is therefore tempting to put off a choice till the last moment.

Those who study these things and offer advice will tell you to make lists, prioritise have a routine, be positive and so on. It is so easy to give well-meaning advice -- and even easier to ignore it.

If you wake up one fine morning and rise determined that today it will be different -- you will be decisive and efficient -- you just might be starting on a whole new way of life.

If you are naturally pessimistic and cautious your decisions will be mainly to do as little as possible and be safe. If confident and energetic, you will boldly go on to fame, fortune or disaster.

There are no perfect guarantees in this life.

The ills that have come upon us as a result of the credit crunch mean that many people will be faced with difficult decisions. Now is a good time to get your house in order.

Like a ship heading for battle or stormy seas it is a good idea to batten down the hatches and clear the decks for action. Only you can know what that means in your own life, and how to transfer the metaphor to practical actions.

You are the captain of your ship of life and your decisions will affect the outcome for good or ill. Be prepared.

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