Sunday, October 07, 2007

Wherever a man dwells, there will be a thorn bush near his door

Wherever a man dwells, there will be a thorn bush near his door.

Wherever you live, whatever you do, there will always be problems. Perfection is unknown to mere mortals so you had better get used to life's aggravations because they are never very far away.

Civilization is primarily concerned with Man's attempt to dominate and control his environment. In the early days of life organisms slowly changed, adapted and evolved to the environments in which they lived, but humans learned to adapt the environment itself. But however good we get at it, there is always another problem. Pause for a moment, and Nature seizes the opportunity to fight back.

It follows that your life philosophy must include a "permanent effort" clause. The golden moments when everything is going great do not last, and "constant vigilance" is the watch word. There is always a thorn near you, and the chances are your foot is heading for it.

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