Sunday, June 18, 2006

The fool wanders far, the wise man travels.

To get where you want to be it is a good thing to know the route and to plan your journey. Aimless wandering might enable you to stumble across a suitable place but it is a highly inefficient method. Journeys are not just travel across the globe, we make many journeys in life: from birth to death, from ignorance to wisdom, from poverty to riches, from loneliness to love. This proverb tells us to be methodical, find a "map" and seek good counsel before embarking on any of life's journeys. Having noted all that, a life without a little aimless wandering would perhaps be a bit boring; after all some of the best discoveries in science and elsewhere have come by chance but the prepared mind can spot their value and take action.

For garden jouneys:

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