Sunday, June 11, 2006

To spare at the spigot and let run at the bung.

Carefully measuring off wine at the tap whilst it is has an unchecked, leaky bung is an obvious folly but how many times do we do the equivalent without noticing? Are you penny wise and pound foolish? Do you fuss a lot with minor detail and ignore major problems lurking in the background? The general who prides himself on the appearance of his troops but neglects to train them in their core skills will lose the battle. The businessman who constantly counts his money but neglects to get customers in and sell will go bust. There is a need to keep things in proportion and take an overall view of your activities. Are you focussing on the right areas? Are their growing problems developing in the background? By all means be spare at the spigot but watch out for that leaking bung!

Are you leaking PC power?

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