Friday, June 16, 2006

Light your lamp before it becomes dark.

This Arabic proverb echoes the basic idea of many other sayings that urge us to be prepared for eventualities. Try fumbling around in the dark for your flint and tinder and you would soon understand the wisdom of this. Good planning and preparation are essential for a well ordered life. "Have not your cloak to make when it starts to rain" covers the same idea. Like all proverbs it has other depths of meaning. On a spiritual plane we are being cautioned to prepare ourselves for death whilst the light of life still burns. On a practical level this might lead you to make a will so that your wishes are followed rather than leaving a mess for expensive lawyers to sort out. "A little forethought saves much afterthought" so make a habit of lighting your lamp before it is dark.

"You are nearest to God in a garden"

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