Sunday, November 25, 2007

Reputation is oft got without merit and lost without crime

Reputation is oft got without merit and lost without crime.

The latest air-head pop star shoots to fame on a lucky-break record and sustains their place in the media spotlight with moronic, outrageous behaviour. A passably attractive girl becomes the girlfriend of a successful star and achieves celebrity status by association. A military commander achieves a victory because his even more incompetent opponent was having a worse than usual off day. Second-rate politicians win elections simply because the public are totally disillusioned with their opponents. These people will often rationalise their success and believe it was due to their inner greatness. When their balloons finally pop they disappear into media oblivion.

People of genuine ability can remain unknown and be "born to bloom and waste their sweetness on the desert air". Those who do gain recognition for their genuine ability are always at the mercy of the undeserved smear or dictates of fashion. Having built someone up the media grow bored and then, like schoolboys who have patiently constructed a sandcastle, take fiendish delight in demolition.

"Life", as they say, "is nine parts cards one part skill".

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