Sunday, November 04, 2007

Vows made in a storm are forgotten in the calm

Vows made in a storm are forgotten in the calm.

When the pressure is on our desire to be, and to be seen to be, virtuous is great. Most religions teach that there are consequences for wrong doing and that our difficulties and disasters can be seen as a punishment for sins.

In the halcyon days of good times we tend to let our guards down and start indulging in selfish behavior. When hard times come round again we are forced to consider our life styles and accept that perhaps our own actions have contributed to the situation. Our desire to be worthy and good is intensified.

There is a parallel here with politicians who are full of noble ideals and grand intentions in the hard times of opposition but when they finally move into the sunny uplands of government all that gold plating of goodness and virtue starts to wear thin. Eventually the people lose patience and throw them out into the darkness again. And so the cycle goes on.

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