Sunday, November 18, 2007

Too much consulting confounds

Too much consulting confounds.

"Take good advice" is good advice... isn't it?

The trouble is when your ears and eyes are overflowing with information how do you decide what is good and what goes out with the garbage? After all, they also say: "A little learning is a dangerous thing, drink deep or touch not the Pieran spring".

If we assume that there are many roads to Rome and indeed the saying is: "All roads lead to Rome" perhaps we need to find one main source of advice or guidance where the guru has a proven track record, and follow that path.

Good decision makers are people who can cut, like Alexander, "through the Gordian knot", avoid all the irrelevant "noise", "cut to the chase" and "home in" on the essentials. They make it sound so easy but one suspects that long experience or luck plays its part. When it all gets a bit too much for you and the head buzzes with input just remember to KISS:

Keep it Simple Stupid.

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