Sunday, November 11, 2007

Service without reward is punishment

Service without reward is punishment

Service is given and received by many people and varies from the selfless devotion of a mother to the latest slick marketing of something you neither need nor want, with much in-between.

Today, Remembrance Sunday, we remember the armed services and the sacrifices they make in times of trouble. We seek to show our appreciation and offer thanks to all those who gave their lives or suffered dreadful injuries in the pursuit of their duties, not forgetting their loved ones who had to continue alone or under a heavy burden.

For most of us the horrors of war are only in our imaginations and we look upon those brave souls who have been tested in the extremes of conflict as heroes. It is not enough just to admire - we need to show our appreciation in practical ways. Through contributing time, effort and money to appropriate organizations we can demonstrate that we truly do remember them and all the suffering and pain they have endured on our behalf.

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